October 19, 2021

The UK’s Weayaya Music Festival is Solar Powered

If you’ve attended a music festival or similar events, then you must have noticed how much equipment is using electricity. There is a lot of energy being used in activities such as music festivals. When you use up energy, it’s better to make the source of the energy renewable and minimize your environmental impact. If the whole world had that mindset, there would be fewer music festivals happening, and their ticket prices would cost significantly more than they are at this time. Renewable energy has a problem where when you want to implement it, it’s going to take a whole lot of money. You’d have to start with a significantly higher amount of capital than if you used conventional energy, including the generators and cables. It is the reason why the world should know about the Weayaya Solar-Powered Festival. It isn’t solely focused on the music being played by the artists. It’s all about the message sent saying that they can rely on solar power. They can depend on it not only once, but in many years in succession.

The Origins of The Solar-Powered Weayaya Music Festival

A festival like the Weayaya Music Festival needs an origin story, like any other fantastic idea. The first origin story is the name, which is Weayaya. The word Weayaya means setting sun in Sioux. It can mean various things, but when you’re talking about this particular case, it means rebirth or a new start. You’ll be able to attend the festival when it takes place in Canada’s Alberta. You can check Google Maps if you want to find where the festival’s location is since it’s a challenge to find otherwise. You can also visit their official website if you desire their instructions on how to go to the festival from famous landmarks. The Weayaya Music Festival has been happening over the last seven years ago. There are no signs that the festival will stop any time soon.

The Type of Music You’ll Hear During The Festival

Before you decide to go to the festival, you must want to find out what music you’ll be hearing during the festival. At the Weayaya Music Festival, you’ll experience every kind of music. Don’t attend the festival if you’re expecting famous artists. The festival will have local talent since the idea is that artists from the local area should be getting their deserved exposure. So if you want to listen to new exciting music, then the festival will be a fun time for you.

The Practical Information of The Festival

The Weayaya Festival welcomes food trucks at its camping ground. Due to the difference in philosophy, you won’t find any generators on festival grounds. You’re allowed and encouraged to bring with you your own food and the necessary gear so that you can cook up your own food and snacks. There is also Beer Garden, which is where you can buy beverages, liquor, beer, and wine that are made locally. You’ll also find places where you can wash up and do your laundry if you are staying over a few days.