September 17, 2021

Sustainable Energy at Events in The Future – GEM Tower

Festivals are a crucial part of modern society. They are a chance to kick back, relax and to also experience and create new memories with your friends and family. However, many don’t stop to realise the energy that goes into creating a successful and profiting event such as a festival or a party. Festivals and circumstances are known to consume so much electricity and fuel that in many cases a backup generator or extra fuel is needed. The problem with the electricity and energy use during a festival is the sheer size of the generator itself and the resources that are consumed and wasted throughout the course and duration of the event. And now that the festive season is fast approaching, the demand for generators throughout the country are likely to be at its peak. This means that it is time to look for more sustainable and renewable resources that are essential to the continuation of events and public gatherings. The use of more renewable resources for an event ensures that no hard to replace supplies are used as part of the events.

Sustainable Choices And Generator Alternative

The amount of fuel used by a music festival is massive. If you go through to the backstage of the event, the chances are that you will see the amount of fuel used at the event. The type of fuel that is used during an event is similar compared to other fuel and electricity using sources in the modern world. They all use diesel consuming products and other, more electrical-based appliances. Diesel is a reliable power source for any equipment and for any event, which is why it is used during festivals. Diesel generators are used because of their sheer power incline, meaning that they can supply more power. The bad side, however to the use of diesel generators is that burning it produces a lot of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

GEM Towers

As a recent creation and invention, GEM towers are now crucial to today’s society. This is due to the declining supply of our everyday resources. The GEM towers are a combination of two types of renewable resources and energy. Together they form a new product that can easily support the energy requirements of a music festival on its own. The tower is a structure that is covered in many colourful solar panels and is also reinforced and backed up by the installation of a wind turbine. This creative yet innovative design was well thought and was carefully and meticulously designed to use very little sustainability energy as well as to support 100% of the energy produced at a festival. The installation of these towers ensures that the use of diesel and other fuels for music festivals take the environment and the future into consideration. It will also be an entirely new way to generate energy using more cleaner and sustainable ways. The adoption of this method will result in reduced pollution and toxins released during a concert.