October 19, 2021

How Solar Power is Used At Festivals

Over the past couple of years, music festivals have increased in popularity all over the world. They’re a way for you to find other people that enjoy the artists you do. You might meet the artists themselves at the festival. Music fans will travel long distances so they can attend a music festival. The organizers of music festivals have started to take advantage of the sun. They’re harnessing the sun’s power to power their festivals. There are three advantages to them when they use solar power. The first advantage is that the festival attendees that care for the environment will give the festival a higher rating. The second advantage is that the generated power will help them get more value. Lastly, opting for solar power means that they’re helping fight against global warming.

Having Standards Means Having Minimal Environmental Impact

There is a festival that has been taking place annually ever since 2002. It’s a festival powered solely by solar power. That festival is the Bonnaroo festival. It’s had acts such as Radiohead, McCartney, and West as performers. In 2013, the festival was when they decided to have a permanent addition of a solar panel installed. The solar panel gives power to the stages and the PA systems. The solar power provides for around twenty per cent of the festival’s used power. The ticket prices had increased by a dollar to make up for the costs of the solar power installation. The company that assisted in the solar power installation said that the Bonnaroo festival was doing a good thing for combining their standards of music with a minimal environmental impact.

More Efficient Power

Many festival organizers all over the United States have found out that using solar power in their festivals will make efficiency increase at the concerts. The festivals that remain stationary in one location aren’t the only ones that use solar panels for their events. Talco Electronics provides portable solar panels that can help give festivals that move around a lot to have the option for solar power. The Warped Tour’s founder admitted that efficiency is something that’s improving with solar panels. The batteries used for power storage will last longer than usual, and that impressed him. The solar power at the Warped Tour is reliable, and all you need is have a backup generator in case of emergencies.

The Fans Want Solar Power

The majority of festival attendees will be around the age of twenty. That means that they will be interested in renewable energy being used, like solar power. The concerts gain appeal from those people to the concerts that use renewable energy. Increasing the appeal of anyone will lead to higher income for the festivals. The lower the impact on the environment a festival makes, the more appeal they will get from younger people. Most festival organizers are taking solar power seriously nowadays. It’s pushing the whole industry to be more conscious of their environmental impact. Many festival attendees agree that they want more festivals to use renewable energy for their power source. We should all find ways to decrease our impact on the environment, and the world will be a better place.