September 17, 2021

How Festivals Can Increase the Sustainable Creativity?

How Festivals Can Increase the Sustainable Creativity

The travel enthusiast has constructed an eco-friendly trailer for his bike. Paul Elkins, who likes to make the engineering constructions in his free time, made the lightweight bicycle trailer for the sustainable camping. It has everything you could need for an eco-friendly but comfort life in nature: a roof-mounted wind turbine that supplies electricity, a solar-powered grill, and a water heater. Everything weighs about 50kg, so it is not difficult to add this trailer to your bicycle and go for new adventures.

How the Idea Was Born?

This incredible idea came to the head of Paul when he decided to visit the annual famous festival of Burning Man (Nevada, USA) once again. At the end of each August, about 35,000 or more people from the USA and the rest of the world gather here to enjoy music, camp together, and promote different arts. The goal of all of them is the same to be in a place where you can bring any creative idea and share it with others without any judgement whether it is an innovative wardrobe, a vehicle, a camping layout plan, or just a unique approach to life.

During this festival, Paul has to live a nomadic life. The camping trailer for bike is not intended for a long-term transportation. However, the engineer already has plans to build a more robust version later. Meanwhile, this primary demo model was tested in difficult conditions with a wind speed of 30 m/s and a temperature of more than 38 degrees of Celsius in the middle of a desert. The idea came from the announcement of a specific topic for that year’s festival – that year the theme was “Fear of the Future”. The engineer remembers that his thoughts constantly revolve around the most common diseases of the world. As a result, Paul tried to show how it would be possible to survive the apocalypse with such a trailer.

Technical Specifications

The trailer weighs about 45 kg without additional load. The body is made from 1/4″ thick plastic that is similar to the one used to make various billboards. The plastic was riveted and bolted to 3/4″ square profile aluminum tubes that were obtained from an old TV satellite. The base was made of 2m x 2m wood board. The 30-inch square door frame is attached to the correspondingly cut side wall of the body. In the closed position, the bed is considered folded like a chair. Externally mounted pot in which flowers or herbs can be grown. There is also a special funnel for urination, but the engineer admits that special sanitary facilities are too expensive and bulky. 13-inch diameter wheels are mounted on the bogie axle.

An electric generator for bicycles was used in the construction of the wind farm. A wooden blade is mounted on the wheel axle. The hood at the rear is needed for strong winds. It bends the plastic stem, thus changing the angle between the plane of the blade and the wind. This protects the generator from damage. So far, energy is generated by an alternating voltage generator. However, the existing device is sufficient only to illustrate the concept.