October 19, 2021

Australia Hosts A Music Festival Powered By The Sun – Off The Grid

Music festivals are known to be the hub for those who love endless drinks and food while listening to their favourite artists. Be it that you are hanging out with your friends or you are trying to get backstage to meet your favourite artist who is playing on the day, music festivals are hyped up and are super fun to attend. The food is fantastic, the drinks are cold and refreshing, and the music is to die for. But one problem, what about the electricity. Sure, all the strobe lights and the confetti machines and the high def dual speakers on the sides of the stage sound unbelievable, but what about the amount of electricity being consumed. Will it affect the amount of power being sent to other areas or will more resources be consumed in order to cope. Luckily, Australian officials have come up with a solution to the issue. Introducing the newest addition to the music festival collection, ‘Off The Grid’. This festival is not just your average music festival with your favorite artists, and 4D pumped bass speakers and flares. This festival is special. In fact, in Australia, it is the only one of its kind.

The Eco-Friendly Festival

‘Off The Grid’ is one of the smart inventions and ideas in Australia. This festival is an entirely eco-friendly party, that is completely and utterly supported through the use of solar panels, and other energy efficiency strategies. Instead of utilizing high voltage batteries and also using up more resources, individuals have banded together to make a music festival of the same calibre as found in other significant areas, and power it, using solar technology. This music festival is completely 100% supported through the use of solar technology, such as solar panels. Now that the hot summer days have begun, it is the perfect time to put out the solar panels and get ready for the festival.

The festival itself occurs on the hottest of days when the sun is at its peak, and the most amount of rays are exuded from the sun. The stage is a giant block of solar panels that are designed to capture all the beams and convert it into energy that can be used to power the instruments as well as any other machines and lights that will be used throughout the festival. The aim of the event is not for self profit nor is it for charity; instead, all 100% of funds and profits earned from the festival will be sent back to Melbourne, where it will be used as a way to make the city more self-sufficient and eco-friendly.

The history of this festival was small and was nothing compared to the festival that you see today. Instead, it began as a small battery-powered party in a small underground basement in a building in London. Ever since the creation of such a festival, the team behind the party has been dedicated to creating more and more eco-friendly parties.