October 19, 2021

Advantages of Using Solar Power for Food Trucks

Advantages of Using Solar Power for Food Trucks

When you are planning a festival, you need to ensure that people who will visit your event, will be happy with everything. It is not only about the fun part of the festival, but also about food and drinks. Finding the right caterers for a reasonable price can be stressful most of the time. However, if you are trying to go green or, in other words, reduce the energy consumption levels at your festival, you might want to look into food trucks, which use solar power. Here are just a few examples, why solar-powered food trucks will be a money saver and an attraction at your festival.

Most food trucks when they need to prepare food for a large number of people have to count every step when they will need to use energy and how much of it they need. While it is not super sustainable, it can also be very costly for the food truck owners. In the US, it has been found that food truck owners had to spend more than $500 per month on gas. Inside the food truck which is equipped with grills, the owners had to make sure there is enough propane to keep the grills going. Another disadvantage of “regular” food trucks is that lights and refrigeration systems are powered by diesel generators.

Not only using gas to fuel the food truck ends up being costly for the vendors, but it also adds to the air pollution. But how can a food truck run on solar power, produce food, and be cost-efficient at the same time? To begin with, setting up two solar panels with 100 Watt each, an inverter, charge controller, and batteries can cost you less than $1,000. This sounds like a,lot for a one-time investment. But it is an investment you have to make just once. This won’t completely eliminate your need for fuel, but given the already high operational expenses, the cost of the solar setup will recoup itself in about 4-5 months.

If you are planning a festival, and want to reduce the energy consumption, make sure to find food truck vendors that use solar panels to cook food. Assuming you will need 10 trucks that will use solar panels. If you can replace the generators with solar panels, you are basically switching 10 diesel generators for silence. At a festival, this is crucially important as generators, in addition to power, generate emissions and noise. Unlike modern cars, there aren’t strict requirements for emission treatment and noise suppression. So the smell of nitrogen oxide and the noise can become a disruptor, affecting the vibe of the event. Even one generator is annoying, now imagine ten of them. This, giving preference to food truck vendors who decided to switch to alternative energy, such as solar panels, will bring you a lot of advantages. It will bring more people to the event, you will save a ton of money on energy, and you will not harm the environment.